New Fred

These two were some of my earliest Fred comics. Many are without color like the funny pages during the week, with some color intermixed. I called the comic “GJ Penny &Co” in the beginning, which eventually evolved into Fred. It was going to involve a group of different characters, but Fred became so much fun to do on his own. The crazier the better.

National Wear Red Day

Hey everybody! Today is National Wear red day. In conjunction with the American Heart Association today is the day where we put on our red clothes to help support women’s heart health. Here is a good article to learn more about it. Let’s wear red today and support women’s heart health everywhere in the world.

More Stuff!

More Drawings! A good buddy of mine and I used to try to come up with drawing themes and we would try to challenge ourselves to draw as often as possible. The themes were all over the place. And a few of the drawings were just because. Because I felt like it…

Fred Inc.

Fred Inc. is a comic I created back in 2010. It was ongoing for quite a while, and centered around a guy named Fred. A fictional guy working in retail. More often than not his antics are completely insane, and always a lot of fun to do. Every day, or every other day in the very least, I’ll post a new one so you can get acquainted. I have a lot stashed away from over the last few years. And who knows, maybe there is a future for ol’ Fred. Here are a few to give you an idea.



Lets have some fun!

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to my site! I plan to post pretty regularly, if not daily. Lots of content coming, and a lot of plans. Come back often. If you see something you like, let me know. This is all under construction, but I’ll have a store coming soon where you can browse and purchase art work and books that you like. Twenty percent of sales will go towards pediatric heart research. Maybe we can make a difference together. I’ll post more soon….